Strange services for women in Japan

quán cafe quản gia

Housekeeper cafe

Coming to these restaurants, female customers served as a princess are the style of service at butler cafes in Japan. The butler cafe – where female customers are treated as princesses

Here, female customers are carried in the hands of male waiters and act as charming princes in the castle at a cafe. For tourists who want to be served like that, they only need to spend 13 USD.

“Private” bars are for women only

The “private” business movement for women is thriving in bars in Japan. The bars here operate according to the criteria not for men but only for female guests.

Female customers who come here will talk, relax … and can buy sex toys. These activities are aimed at helping female customers to masturbate to satisfy the needs of “privacy” – the taboo of the country’s culture.

 Wagon only for women in Japan

Toa tàu chỉ dành cho nữ

In Japan, in order to avoid the harassment of women on the subway, the country has electric carriages exclusively for women. On these cars are pink stickers with the words “Women Only”

Anti-lonely cafe

cafe chống cô đơn

In Tokyo, there is a Moomin cafe with unmarried (single) ohitorisama female customers.

The shop offers single seats for customers, opposite seats are characters that mimic the lovely characters in Finnish Moomin books. This service in Japan is very popular, now this service is developing to New York market (USA).

Apartment for Single mom

In Osaka, there are apartments for single mothers or for those who have just divorced their husbands. Mon Place is known for its comfortable apartment at 360 USD / month.

Boyfriend rental service

thuê bạn trai

In Japan, the service of renting a girlfriend (not a partner) for men has been in vogue for years. Now women also get this service. Coming to this service, the female guests can rent with a boyfriend to have a fun night (without sex) walking or enjoying a meal together.

Hire a boyfriend to chat to reduce loneliness

The service is growing in Japan, and boyfriend-rental clubs are increasingly popular among business women in Tokyo. They will have to pay by the hour to sip, talk or flirt with attractive men.

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