Himeji Castle – Japanese tourist destination

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Himeji Castle has been recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage.

When traveling to Japan, one of the places you should visit is here – Himeji Castle. Built in 1346, Himeji Castle was built on Himeyama hill. The historical value of this castle lies not only in its unique architecture but also in the Japanese people as a symbol of Japan. Himeji Castle is considered by the Japanese people as the “white heron” castle and is located in the center of Himeji City in Hyogo Prefecture – Kyoto 650km west of Tokyo.

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When viewed from a distance it was white, many people looking through photos thought the castle was built of stone. However, it’s not like that, Himeji castle was built from wood, and to prevent fire, people covered it with plaster, so from a distance, this castle was white and often misunderstood as built by rock.

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The architecture of Himeji Castle is one of the values ​​of this castle. Himeji Castle has a main castle tower and 27 surrounding small towers are connected to the main tower by 15 doors with a 1000 meter long stone wall system. Because Himeji Castle was formerly built as a castle, defense is indispensable. The architecture of the castle was built on high so it was difficult for enemies to attack. If overcome the wall of the enemy will encounter the second difficulty is an extremely complex corridor system like a maze. Today, to guide tourists, people have put up signs and directions, but many people get lost when they come here to visit.

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In addition to the labyrinth corridor structure of the tallest tower of Himeji Castle is also a unique architecture with large columns that support both the castle and the heterogeneous stair system to support defenses when there is an enemy attack. work. The main entrance to the castle is very solid and has only one. The outer citadel is connected to the main citadel by a maze-like corridor system.

In addition to architecture, Himeji Castle also has a legend about the ghost of a servant girl who died in an ancient well in the city. Every night it is said that the cry of this unjust female servant is still heard. In short, this is a tourist destination not to be missed when coming to Japan.

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