Japanese cinema background

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The period before 1945

Before 1930 most of the films had no sound, then the film technology had not found a solution to match the sound with the picture, so when the film still had a team to make noise, and read direct quote.

From 1930 began to appear many famous films but this period was the time World War II broke out so the development of Japanese cinema was interrupted.

From 1950 to 1960

This was the peak development period of Japanese cinema with world classics: Rashomon (1950), seven samurai (1954) and Tokyo Monogatari (1953).

Also in this decade, Japanese cinema had 3 Oscar-winning films about best foreign language film Rashomon, Jigokumon and Minamoto Musashi. In addition, many other films also won Cannes film festival.

From 1970 to 1980


This stage is the development stage of light pornography. Films of this type are very attractive to viewers but are not shown on television because of inappropriate dialogue and images.

During this period a classic film was completed, the “godfather” film, a film about Japanese yakuza.

In this decade, the anime series of anime series were received by the world with many super products such as Akira, Kaze no Tani no Naushika, tomb of fireflies …

By this decade, four Japanese films had received awards at the Cannes Film Festival.

From 1990 to present


Many world famous films are Japanese films, especially in the recent period, with the horror genre is considered the classic of the world cinema industry.

So far Japanese cinema has been divided into the main categories: Anime (animation), Jdaigeki (historical film), J-Horror (thriller), Kaiju (monster movie), Pinku eiga (film) light porn), Yakuza (action movies), Dramas (dramas), Tokusatsu (heroic films).

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Among the above categories, there is an anime that accounts for 60% of the total animation worldwide, the monster movie with Gorila is the first monster movie that has been famous all over the world, horror movies are also the genre. movies that even Hollywood movies have to study. In addition, the 18+ movie genre is also very popular and famous worldwide. In general, Japan is a country with a very developed cinema.

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