Aokigahara Forest – The perfect place to die

This forest is located right at the foot of Mount Fuji, a primeval forest with dense trees. If you enter the Oakigahara forest, you will easily get lost because this forest has no trails because it is a primeval forest and many people who enter the forest also do not intend to return because they come here to commit suicide.

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The reason for getting lost in the forest is so many rumors as the forest is located on the volcanic geological area and in the soil with much iron so the compass will not be used here or this is where many ghosts live, many The one who got lost is because these ghosts tried to make fun of. However, according to the statistics, the compass cannot be used inaccurately because since World War II, the US and Japanese military have been able to use compasses and satellite navigation in the forest. . As for the issue regarding ghosts, science has not yet proven whether the ghost exists or not.

The reason many people choose Aokigahara is the perfect place to die

Many theories have been put forward like a couple years ago because of a failed love affair and into a suicide forest. Since then, many people who have lost their love have chosen Aokigahara forest as their suicide site. Another reason given is the book: The perfect place to die, many people commit suicide and under a tree place this book. They believed that because of this book, many people chose this place to commit suicide. Another reason is due to the ghosts who draw people who intend to commit suicide here because it focuses the ghosts of those who commit suicide.

A few things you probably didn’t know about Oakigahara

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Oakigahara Forest is also the second place in the world for suicide.

Every year, local authorities regularly organize suicide search sessions in the Aokigahara forest.

At the entrance to the forest, there was a sign that read: “Think again. Please consult your counselors before you decide to seek death. ”

Japan is a country that does not prohibit suicide, but is also honored in the same way that the samurai committed suicide. However, Aokigahara is the only place that has been dubbed the perfect place to die.

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