Sake and how to drink Japanese sake

rượu sake nhật bản

What is sake?

Japanese sake is common to all wines, however sake is a typical wine made from rice and sake yeast.

A special feature of brewing alcohol is the use of rice wine with a special Japanese yeast called sake or Koji yeast. In addition, the water used to brew alcohol must also be semi-rigid – a water with a certain amount of iron and magnesium.

Sake is the only alcohol in the world to use Koji yeast, without Koji there would be no Sake. The method of making Koji and brewing alcohol is the secret of each factory, especially the process of making Koji to produce Sake can be compared to the art of experience and feeling, because it has to skillfully combine the elements. nests like rice type, pH, mineral content in water.

The taste of sake is up to you, I don’t like it so I don’t dare to give a view of wine but this wine was previously used in the royal palace and at ceremonies in Shinto shrines. The taste will definitely be no less. In addition sake is considered to be the national drink of Japan, and is famous around the world so this is generally a good wine.

How to drink sake properly

Sake and other wines have their own way of enjoying it, and if you enjoy it improperly and feel the taste of the wine is not good, you should also reconsider it. Currently, sake is commonly made and sold in supermarkets. In general, there are 4 ways to drink sake that are considered to be the best:

First: drink cold

Usually in hot weather, drink in this way; the wine is pre-cooled in the refrigerator and drinks like normal wine. Note that you should not get too cold because it can make the wine pale.

Second: reheat

rượu sake nhật bản

This method is usually used when the weather is cold, usually only warms about 40 – 60 degrees Celsius, not boil, the wine is stored in porcelain pots and reheated to the appropriate temperature that the customer requires.

Third: drink at normal temperature

rượu sake nóng

This is the way that most people prefer because wine will taste. Warming or cooling will lessen the flavor, but drinking at room temperature will depend on the weather in each region. If the weather is too cold, it may heat up a bit and vice versa, so that the temperature of the wine is about 20 degrees Celsius. In Vietnam, when drinking sake in this way, there is usually no need to warm up or cool down.

Fourth: drink with ice

uống rượu sake với đá

You should distinguish between cold and ice drinks. Usually, when ice is present, the wine will be lighter because some of the ice melts in the glass. Usually people would chill the wine as if drinking it cold and then pour it into a small cup inside with a stone to drink. Drinking this way is the reason not to use a big cup because if you do not drink quickly, the ice will melt and make the wine less pale.

If you have the opportunity to visit Japan once you should try a little sake, surely you will like warming sake because in Vietnam there are rarely opportunities to drink warm wine. In addition, chilling is still the most popular way of drinking whether in Japan or in Vietnam, so you should try cold and hot drinks to see which tastes better.

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