Ginkgo tree – The symbol of Tokyo city

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When you come to Japan in the fall, you can see the three main colors of the scenery here are green, red and yellow. Green is the color of pine, the red of maple leaves and the yellow of the ginkgo tree.

Ginkgo trees are the symbol of Tokyo city. Ginkgo trees are also a symbol of longevity, so the Japanese are very favored for this tree. Ginkgo trees are grown in many locations spread across Japan, on the streets, in temples, in schools, in temples … When the autumn comes, the green color of the trees will gradually turn yellow along with the colors. Red and blue create a special picture in autumn in Japan.

Ginkgo tree is not only a symbol of Tokyo but it is also used on many occasions. Logs are carved to make chess boards and chess pieces, and not only are they used to make tea ceremony or worshiping objects. The fruit of the ginkgo tree is edible and is used as a dessert or as a soup. The leaves can be turned into tea and the essential fan is used to light lamps on important occasions.

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With the unique shape of leaves, many designers have taken the leaves as ideas to make fashion costumes, fashion accessories, badges, … The famous Tokyo University also took two white leaves. Green and yellow fruits make the school logo.

The University of Tokyo logoo is shaped by two ginkgo leaves

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If you are a Japanese student or have the opportunity to travel to Japan, you should choose the time of autumn, you will definitely not be disappointed when choosing this time. This is a time not only for tourists, but also for the people of Japan who choose to travel the most during the year. A stroll between two rows of ginkgo trees is sure to be one of the most unforgettable scenes in the autumn of Japan.

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