Interesting things when taking a taxi in Japan

những điều thú vị khi đi taxi ở nhật bản

If you have the opportunity to go to Japan and take a taxi, you should try checking the following:

Taxi prices are expensive but very good

Taxi fare in Japan is 10 times more expensive than in Vietnam but it comes with very good quality. If you have luggage, the driver will automatically help you. The service attitude of the driver is very good and honest. Drivers often wear white shirts and gloves, when talking on the driveway, they often talk and if possible advise customers on what is needed.

Principle, principle, principle is the driver’s principle

When taking a taxi in Japan, the driver never accepts more than the prescribed number of people. This is the rule for taxis in Japan, no matter how convinced you are, you can’t make a driver change your mind.

Taxi drivers can be anyone

In Japan, unlike in other countries, a taxi driver can be anyone who needs a license and health to be a taxi driver. A person with a disability who can drive a car and knows the road can also work as a taxi driver.

Taxi drivers are not greedy guests change money

những điều thú vị khi đi taxi ở nhật bản

The driver’s honesty is what makes customers always satisfied, if you pay the car but also the driver never takes back the change, but tries to return it to you. In addition, if you are close to your destination within 100m, the meter is rounding the driver’s money and will automatically turn off the meter for convenient payment. In addition, if you go the wrong way, the driver will automatically reset the meter to 0 to be fair to customers.

Taxi drivers don’t know much

The fact that taxi drivers in Japan have good service is not to be debated, but there is a strange point that drivers often do not know the path very well so that if you see the driver traveling around, do not think they want to “hook” more car money, just because they do not know the way only.

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