Some fast food restaurant systems in Japan

Các nhà hàng ăn nhanh ở Nhật Bản

Sukiya restaurant chain す き 屋

This is a very popular fast food restaurant chain in Japan. If in cities, you just need to walk a little to be able to come across a couple of Sukiya. Sukiya’s menu includes two main dishes, Gyudon beef rice and curry rice (karei). In addition to the main dish, there are many side dishes and other dishes that vary with the season. Currently in Japan, Sukiya fast-food restaurant chain has more than 2000 stores and has many overseas branches such as China, Malaysia, Thailand … Sukiya’s characteristic is that the dishes are usually divided into S sizes. , M, L and each size specify the total Kalo in the meal, so if you are on diet or worried about obesity you can control yourself when eating at Sukiya.

Các nhà hàng ăn nhanh ở Nhật Bản

Matsuya restaurant chain 松 屋

Slightly closer to Sukiya is the Matsuya restaurant chain, which currently has more than 1,000 stores and is also a long-standing restaurant in Japan. Founded in 1969, Matsuya is now a well-known restaurant system. The characteristic of Matsuya fast food in particular and other fast food restaurants in general is that the dining space is not too large and usually the table will only be enough for 2 people to sit (facing each other), big shops can table with 4 people sitting and diners at the restaurant usually eat fast then go rather than sit for long Fast food chain in Japan – Matsuya

Các nhà hàng ăn nhanh ở Nhật Bản

Yoshinoya restaurant chain 吉野 家

Yoshinoya 吉野 家 is similar to the above two fast food chains. However, in comparison, Sukiya and Matsuya have more brands and sizes as well as more restaurants than Yoshinoya. However, Yoshinoya is also a restaurant specializing in cow rice with its own characteristics. If you still want to eat Gyudon or karei but don’t want to go to Sukiya, you can choose Yashinoya because Gyudon is also great.

Yoshinoya fast food restaurant chain

Some attention when going to fast food restaurants in Japan

Initially, if you do not understand much about Japanese culture, you need to pay a little attention when going to fast food restaurants in Japan to avoid being searched by “people”:

If you eat at the restaurant will have its own menu and bring back a separate menu so do not wonder.

Fast food restaurants in Japan are usually small tables, big size to seat only 4 people, this is a common feature so do not criticize small shops.

“Self-sufficient” and order rice with enough size, Japanese people do not like to leave food because it is very wasteful.

Fast food restaurants follow their names, customers come to order and eat fast, eat and get up to pay and go instead of sitting for an hour talking at people ‘s shops (Japanese don’t like this).

Lastly, fast food outlets all have vending systems. If you don’t know how to use it, don’t hesitate to call the staff and order in the restaurant menu, ok.

Các nhà hàng ăn nhanh ở Nhật Bản

Pay attention to fast food restaurants in Japan

So we have gone through 3 fast food chains in Japan, with a total of nearly 4,000 delicious fast food restaurants – 24 hours, you will not worry about being hungry at times. to work late or miss the train.

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