Archery competition festival in Japan

       The archery festival at Sanjusangen-do Temple is also called “Toshiya”. This is a competition with a tradition of nearly a century and is the pride of the Japanese.

  Sanjusangendo Temple in Kyoto is the venue for the archery competition of the Japanese. There are more than 2,000 archers registered to participate in this competition, among archers there are very young girls in traditional kimono and hakama outfits. therefore, each archer is only allowed to shoot twice at a target 60 meters away. Participating archers need to shoot precisely at the target’s center point to get the highest score.

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In this archery competition, hundreds of Japanese girls dressed in traditional long-sleeved kimono participated in the Toshiya archery competition. Here, both male and female archers will be allowed to fire two arrows at a circular stele 60 meters away. Participants need to shoot precisely in the center, whoever has the highest score is the winner.

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                                                 Girls in traditional long-sleeved kimono

     Previously, the archery competition at Toshiya was mainly open to men, letting them show off their talent, strength and ingenuity with a bow. Today, however, Japanese women can also participate in the competition. In competitions years ago archers had to shoot at targets 120 meters away (equivalent to the entire length of the Sanjusangendo temple). Nowadays the goals for archers have been shortened to 60 meters. The competition period lasted for 24 hours.

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                                                          The archery competition took place within 24 hours

   The typical archer in Japan was in 1986, a Samurai fired 13,053 arrows in 24 hours from 6 pm the previous day to 6 pm the next day. The correct number of arrows was 8,133 (with 62.3% accuracy). Averaging about 6.6 seconds per arrow. Therefore, it is based on the ability of this archer to make the match time as well as the scoring criteria.

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                                     Young girls are always the focus of attention in archery competition

  Today, small girls wearing youthful kimonos can also participate in the contest, not necessarily the tough Samurai like in the past. In this archery competition Japanese women are the focus of attention.

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