The way to wear Japanese Girls’ Short Skirts

Surely, you will see Japanese girls often wear short skirts to go to school even on cold winter days. Because, they like that and like the sexy level of wearing short skirts. To help them show off their legs and create a girl’s sexiness.

According to Japanese school dress code regulations for girls, all girls must wear knee-length skirts. But, the rules are still the rules and the girls of the land of cherry blossoms do not like to wear such long and old lady dresses. Therefore, to make the uniform dress not called the old lady dress and sexy. Japanese girls often cut that dress short. Purpose, so that the dress can help them show off their legs as well as sexier and sexier.

But, in doing so, the female students were found out and severely punished. Because of that, they have devised ways to make uniform dresses shorter and that is their secret today that was revealed.

Pull the skirt high and use the belt

Most of the time, Japanese schoolgirls allow for short skirts by pulling the skirt high and using the belt. By doing this, the schoolgirls can make their uniform skirt as short as 10cm. And to subtly cheat, Japanese schoolgirls will use the Cardigab to cover it. Because in any uniform, a vest is required. That Cardigan is one of the must-have items in a vest. Therefore, Japanese female students easily pass the teachers’ eyes and can be more confident when showing off their legs.

Use short and pull-up socks

All school uniforms are compulsory by all schools for all students, even girls must use them every day. Usually, uniform socks are usually knee-high or knee-high socks. However, Japanese schoolgirls prefer short-necked socks that only stretch to ankle height (That is, pulling over ankles). The purpose of wearing this kind of socks makes your legs longer and can show off your legs more.

With this way of wearing socks combined with the way of pulling high skirts, Japanese schoolgirls will be wearing sexy short skirts and confidently show off their legs without worrying about being discovered. This is one of the smartest ways to circumvent the law and the secret for Japanese girls to wear miniskirts.

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