About the Japanese Ninja mystery

Japanese Ninja is known quite a lot through movies and in cinema ninja are often very mystical, are assassins trained from a young age and have many tricks to assassinate as well as run and hide. However, the fact that real-life ninjas are not so mystical, they are actually trained from a young age, but with many tricks, they become very mystical.

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Japanese ninja appeared from the Heian period (794 – 1185), initially ninja was an organization specializing in assassination training, they through middlemen to assassinate, each assassination mission has its own price. from murderous people to influential people in the court were assassinated by ninja. It is worth mentioning that with the elite army, the ninjas have carried out assassinations that have a huge political influence, so this organization is increasingly famous and mysterious.

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Ninja’s identity

Those trained to become ninjas will usually recruit from a young age, until the age of 17 will remain a backup ninja and will have to undergo a fierce test to be officially recognized as ninja. From an early age, these ninjas learned martial arts according to the Ninjitsu school, which is a melee martial art with a flexible set of magic and killing attacks. In addition to martial arts training, ninjas are also trained in stealth, escape, makeup, poisoning, and secret use, so that a ninja must master all martial arts and tricks to be considered. true ninja.

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Costumes and weapons

Ninjas do not have a fixed outfit, because in order to successfully assassinate, ninjas often use makeup to conceal their real appearance, at night, ninjas often wear black clothes that are tight and cover the face that only shows up. two eyes.

The weapons that ninjas use are diverse, even to match the fighting style of the ninja can devise weapons for himself. However, the main weapons that the ninja wielded are the kantana, the clutch, the blade, the chain, the star-shaped weapon, and the pepper blower.

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The tactics of the ninja

Martial arts: ninjutsu ninja martial arts, later spread by learning martial arts and Chinese doctrine, that ninja divided into 5 systems according to the theory of the five elements: ninja wind, ninja water, ninja earth, fire nija, needle ninja. True to the name that each ninja school has its own forte: the wind ninja is inclined to speed, the body of the ninja, the ninja is prone to use fire to attack, the earth ninja with the feature of earthbending, the water ninja can hide all day under Water and kim ninja are more inclined to use weapon darts.

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Tricks: The ninja has many tricks, one of which is stealth, a simple stealth technique is to use a cloth decorated like a wall or tree trunk then the ninja will choose places where others little attention to hide. In addition, the ninja’s earthbending technique is also considered as a secret technique, but in fact it is the holes and corridors that have been dug underground, when in danger the ninja will jump down that passage to escape, many people do not know. Still consider it a ninja secret.

The current ninja only appear in movies, but what the ninja left in Japanese history is very dazzling. Currently, many researchers are still learning about ninjas and constantly solving the mysteries of ninja through modern science and technology.

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