The Japanese company tests passenger flying cars

SkyDrive plans to do more safety tests before it starts selling cars in 2023.

Mẫu thử nghiệm của xe bay có người lái do SkyDrive phát triển. Ảnh: Asahi.

A prototype of a manned flying car developed by SkyDrive. Photo: Asahi.

SkyDrive announced that it had started testing flying cars with pilots last month, Asahi reported on January 21. This is the first time in Japan a manned test flight vehicle. Previous SkyDrive flights have relied on remote controls without a driver sitting inside.

SkyDrive is a company founded by young engineers who used to work at Toyota in July 2018, headquartered in Tokyo. The airline plans to hold a flight demonstration this summer and start selling cars in 2023.

The SkyDrive flight car has a single seat, 1.6 meters high, and both a length and a width of about 3.6 meters. Each corner is fitted with a pair of propellers, which help the car hover in the air. SkyDrive did not disclose details of the pilot flights. However, the company claims to conduct more tests to ensure safety.

In addition to SkyDrive, a number of other companies are also focusing on developing flying cars, including Airbus and Uber. Flying vehicles are expected to help reduce congestion and assist in saving people in emergencies. However, before this vehicle can be widely used, the world needs to set safety standards, traffic rules and build collision control systems.

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