Japan’s Illusory Light Museum

Opened for less than a year, the museum has become a symbol of the unique combination of art and modern technology.

The museum is a modern digital exhibition in Japan, opened in Tokyo by teamLab team – a creative community with 500 members. This group is known for the creative arts that combine images, sound and space to create a new world of art. Photo: Designboom.

The space here is considered to break all the limits between man and art. Photo: Designboom.

You can explore the world of 3D art – 4D. The images are depicted vividly from the images of streams and flowers to the lights of flowers. All are computer generated combined with sensor software to control the light and color of the LEDs. Photo: Designboom.

The museum also has an area called the Boing Boing Universe, where you can “bend space and time” just by jumping. Besides, you can also take a walk, interact or even mix with the works of art to feel the vitality of each work. Photo: Designgalerist.

This light museum first debuted on June 21, 2018 in Palette Town, Odaiba, Tokyo.

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