Japan made a square road to avoid the landslide

The U-shaped section consists of perpendicular angles with an eroding cliff on one side, and the ocean in Fukui City on the other, attracting attention.

Đoạn đường tránh với các góc cua vuông góc đang gây sốt mạng xã hội Nhật Bản. Ảnh: Twitter

The bypass with perpendicular corners is causing fever on Japanese social networks. Photo: Twitter

The unique bypass photo was shared on Twitter on March 21 and currently has more than 12,100 re-shares and more than 23,000 likes. Below are about 90 comments and other shares about the experience of driving through this road.

In July 2018, heavy rains caused landslides on the mountainside and buried an 80 m long section on Highway 305 in Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture. Traffic stalled for four months until the detour was completed in late October of the same year, according to Fukui daily.

The U-shaped bypass is extended to the sea with a length of 208 m and a width of 6 m. Signal lights are installed at both ends of the road and vehicles are only allowed to go in one direction.

The old road is difficult to recover as the soil and rock continue to erode from a height of 60 m is the reason for the local authorities to build a temporary bypass.

“This trail is a mistake”, “These corners won’t let you go fast”, or “Looks like it’s only useful for learning to drive” are disagree. However, there are also very detailed analysis of road construction techniques, the causes of lost construction time (due to topography, geology) and other complex factors. It is expected that the old road will be restored to the original state by the end of this year.

Đoạn đường bị đất đá vùi lấp khi chưa có đường tránh. Ảnh: Twitter

Land and rock buried when there is no way to avoid it. Photo: Twitter

Đường trong giai đoạn thi công. Ảnh: Twitter

Road in construction stage. Photo: Twitter

Đoạn đường vòng khi mới hoàn thành cuối tháng 10/2018. Ảnh: Fukui Shimbun

New detour when completed at the end of October 2018. Photo: Fukui Shimbun

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