5 dishes of ‘millionaire’ in Japan

Yubari cantaloupe, Densuke watermelon or Matsutake mushroom can be sold for thousands of USD.

With the strict process of growing, breeding or processing, some Japanese agricultural and seafood products such as cantaloupe, mushroom, beef … are considered to be the dishes for the elite.

Yubari cantaloupe

The cantaloupe grown in the city of Sapporo is one of the most expensive fruits in the world. Yubari melons usually cost about 15,000 yen (3 million VND). In luxury grocery stores, they cost up to thousands of dollars. In 2019, a pair of melons was auctioned for up to $ 29,000.

Các cây dưa con sẽ được trồng trong nhà kính để kiểm soát chất lượng. Ảnh: Independent.

The seedlings will be planted in greenhouses for quality control. Photo: Independent.

With a sweet taste, impressive aroma, this fruit is loved by the elite. However, this fruit is special in that it can only have the correct taste when grown in Sapporo. Before harvesting, the farmer will smell the scent, knock and check the sound of each fruit. Fruit with bad and unqualified skin will not be sold with the Yubari mark.

Densuke watermelon

Only grown in Hokkaido, Densuke melon is the second most expensive agricultural product after Yubari cantaloupe. They sell for around $ 250, but can go up to $ 6,000 in auctions.

Vỏ dưa màu càng sẫm thì phần lõi càng ngọt và nhiều nước. Ảnh: 

The darker the peel, the sweeter and more water the core is. Image:

Similar in size to regular melons, Densuke melons are much sweeter. This fruit is expensive because it can only be harvested a few dozen a year.

Matsutake mushrooms

Matsutake mushroom is also known as pine mushroom but grows on pine tree trunks. They usually appear in late summer and autumn (around September – October). This mushroom has a mild woody scent, with a thick and sweet flesh.

Typically, Matsutake mushrooms are sold for $ 200 per kilogram, sometimes up to $ 1,000. The reason this fungus is so expensive is that it only grows in the wild and their living conditions are increasingly threatened. Not only are they a fungus, they are also related to the symbol of Japanese longevity.

Kobe Beef

Kobe beef is Wagyu, one of the four types of Japanese beef. They are raised in Kobe with a strict diet. Kobe beef only eats pure grass and does not mix even a single grain of corn or cereal. In addition, a Kobe beef that can take meat takes up to 3 years to reach the best threshold.

Bò Kobe có giá trị dinh dưỡng cao và mang hương vị không giống với bất kỳ loại thịt bò nào khác. Ảnh: Amazon.

Kobe beef has a high nutritional value and has a flavor unlike any other beef. Photo: Amazon.

In addition, treatments such as massage with sake, listening to classical music raise their price. To be recognized as Kobe beef, they must be raised on Hyogo Island and eaten in Kobe. There are more than 3,000 qualified cows a year. Their selling price can be up to 450 USD per kg.

Fugu puffer fish

Puffer fish is a dangerous fish, with strong venom. During the processing, the venom is also difficult to remove. However, the price of this dish depends on the skill of the chef. A pufferfish chef has to undergo years of practice and pass a test to get a license. They usually retail for $ 300 per kilogram.

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