Japanese tribe worshiping nature

As the first ethnic group living in Hokkaido, the Ainu people still retain their own cultural identities from ancient times to modern life.

The Ainu people have lived in Hokkaido since ancient times. They immerse themselves in nature, always feel grateful for what nature offers, thereby forming a separate culinary culture full of identity.

They assumed that the food was given by the gods, should be grateful for that and only harvested to a sufficient extent.

Ohaw món ăn truyền thống của người Ainu được chế biến từ rượu gạo, khoai tây, cà rốt, củ cải trắng, hành lá, các loại rong biển...

Ohaw traditional Ainu dishes are made from rice wine, potatoes, carrots, white radish, scallions, seaweed …

Ohaw is a traditional dish of the Ainu people made from rice wine, potatoes, carrots, white radish, scallions, seaweed … Photo provided by Hokkaido province.

The Ainu people first inhabited a large area from the north-eastern part of Japan to Hokkaido (Ezogashima island), Sakhalin (Karafuto), and Chishima Islands between the 17th and 19th centuries. called “Ainu Moshiri” meaning “the land where people live”.

Ainu culture is still inherited to this day. Visitors can find such culture everywhere in Hokkaido. Easy to find are the restaurants to enjoy the unique culinary culture of the Ainu people.

Miss Teen Phương Dung quảng bá cho văn hoá Ainu tại Lễ hội Việt  Nhật ở Công viên 23-9 ngày 19/1. Ảnh: Trọng Lực.

Miss Teen Phuong Dung promotes Ainu culture at the Vietnam-Japan Festival in the Park September 23, January 19. Photo: Gravity.

Latest, within the framework of the 6th Vietnam – Japan Festival (January 19 – 20), at booth B8, zone B, 23/9 Park, District 1 (HCMC) has recreated the space of the office. Ainu chemistry. Here, visitors learn about traditional Ainu culture through exhibits from utensils, costumes with monyou patterns meaning exorcism, see the instruction on wearing ruunpe costumes …

Viewers were very surprised with precious handicrafts such as a tray with unique wood carving art; socks, gloves with traditional pattern and hand embroidery …

Vũ điệu Ainu cổ.

The ancient Ainu dance.

The ancient Ainu dance. Photo provided by Hokkaido prefecture.

Introducing Ainu culture at this Vietnam – Japan Festival, Hokkaido prefecture wants Vietnamese people to know more about Ainu culture and traditions. Expected in April 2020, Ainu National Park and Museum (UPOPOY) will open in Shiraoi, Hokkaido. UPOPOY’s grand opening will take place right before the Tokyo Summer Olympics and the Paralympic Games.

UPOPOY is the first national museum of Ainu culture in Japan. Hokkaido is expected to be a new destination for provincial tourism, and as a place to inherit and develop the Ainu culture.

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