Smart robots can teach sutras in Japan

The robot has a human-like face and some movement, with the ability to speak to share Buddhist teachings.

According to Japantimes, a robot called Mindar, which can simply explain the Buddha’s teachings, was introduced at Kodaiji Temple in Kyoto on February 23. Mindar gave a speech on the Bat Nha Tam Kinh in Japanese on the background music with English and Chinese subtitles being projected on the wall.

Robot Mindar. Ảnh Sohu

Robot Mindar. Photo Sohu

Smart Robot Mindar. Photo: Sohu

“We want more people to come see the robot to think about the nature of Buddhism,” said Tensho Goto, the temple’s manager, expressing his hope that robots will help those who have no ties to Buddhism. pay more attention to religion.

Mindar is about 195 cm tall and weighs 60 kg, made by the company A-Lab, based in Tokyo. The robot is made mainly of aluminum, the face and hands are made of silicone. The upper part of its neck, arms and body are rotatable. The left eye is equipped with a camera. Although the robot has a beautiful face and looks like a human, its body still reveals mechanical details. According to Mr. Goto, this has its own religious implications as well as stimulates the imagination of visitors.

The cost of robot research and development is about 100 million yen (equivalent to 20 billion dong). In the future, the robot will be upgraded to have the ability to recognize faces and movement, as well as perform more complex actions. Mindar will be shown to the public from March 8.

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