Autumn Festival in the city of Japan

The Kunchi Nagasaki Festival begins to dance from 2 dancers to the gods at the Suwa shrine.

At the time of Edo, when Japan enforced trade policy with foreign countries, Nagasaki was the only city of the Rising Sun country to be entitled to trade with China and the Netherlands. As a result, the coastal city can produce cultural festivals between the West and the main feature of the system. Nagasaki Kunchi is an in.

Những thương thuyền nước ngoài được tái hiện trong lễ hội Nagasaki Kunchi. Ảnh: ANA.

Water lovers reappeared during the Nagasaki Kunchi festival. Photo: ANA.

The autumn festival held on day 9 will be called O-Kunichi. Autumn is also the farmer who contributes his best produce to the gods to be grateful. The product for the gods is called “Kunichi” which is homophonous to the date 9. The word “Kunichi” in the Kunchi Nagasaki Festival is said to capture gui.

The festival is held from October 7 to 9 every year. Especially active dances are assigned to the neighborhood secured. To see the same dance again you have to wait 7 years because we have been changing each year. This action starts from dance to gods in Japan

Các điệu múa trong lễ hội Nagasaki Kunchi. Ảnh: 

Dances during the Nagasaki Kunchi festival. Photo: Tsunagu Japan.

When coming to the conference, visitors will architect operations, operate, certify the god system to Otabi-sou (god down the mountain). In addition to the media dances, visitors can not ignore the songs recreating the history of Japanese love with China and the Netherlands.

For Vietnamese tourists, Go-Shuinsen is a dance not to be missed when coming to the Nagasaki Kunchi festival. The dance recreated the scene of businessman Sotaro Araki bringing Princess Ngoc Hoa to her hometown. This charming lips is respected by the Japanese and the princess is also called affectionately by the Japanese with the name Anio-san.

Arriving in Nagasaki, visitors can visit the station’s highlights such as a peace memorial,

Diễu hành rước kiệu thần trong ngày lễ Nagasaki Kunchi. Ảnh: Nozomi Edu.

Shinto parade on Nagasaki Kunchi holidays. Photo: Nozomi Edu.

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