The earliest cherry blossom spot in Japan

In early February, visitors to Kawazu can welcome Japan’s earliest spring and watch the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

The time for tourists to visit Japan to see the cherry blossoms are usually from February to the end of April. The most beautiful blooming time is in March. But only Kawazu, southeastern Japan, cherry blossoms. Full bloom again in early February, which is said to be the earliest blooming cherry blossoms.

Hoa đào ở Kawazu nở rộ vào đầu tháng 2. Ảnh: Pinterest.

Kawazu cherry blossoms bloom in early February. Photo: Pinterest.

Kawazu is famous for 8,000 cherry trees planted in equal rows around a river. The first cherry tree found here is from the 1950s by a resident. From there, flowers were planted systematically along the banks of the Kawazu River and some surrounding areas.

Dịch vụ đi tàu hoả ngắm hoa anh đào ở Kawazu. Ảnh: Boredpanda.

Train service to see the cherry blossoms in Kawazu. Photo: Boredpanda.

If you want to see the cherry blossoms in February, in the least noisy atmosphere, you should book tickets to Kawazu. There is a train ride to watch the cherry blossoms, which is very convenient and ideal for you to go all over Kawazu and watch the cherry blossoms.

Every February in Kawazu there is always a Kawazu-zakura cherry blossom festival. This is considered the largest festival in the area, so even though the weather is cold, visitors still come here very much. Every year this holiday has up to one million visitors to visit. The Kawazu-zakura festival takes place only for one month. At the festival you can also enjoy street side snacks around the flower viewing area. Some other activities during the festival such as watching waterfalls, hot spring baths, foot baths …

Lễ hội hoa anh đào Kawazu-zakura vào ban đêm. Ảnh: Spoon & Tamago.

Kawazu-zakura cherry blossom festival at night. Photo: Spoon & Tamago.

Evening from 6pm to 9pm every day during the festival, there will be light displays by the beautiful cherry trees. The light of the festival shining on the side of the river will not disappoint.

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