Cat island in Japan – a new tourist destination to visit

A special feature of the island is the reason why tourists are interested in Aoshima island because the island has a lot of cats, initially fishermen raised cats to prevent rats from nesting on their boats. After they left, the cats were not brought to live on the island and gradually grew to the current number of 120 cats. The number of cats is six times the number of people on the island and the cats are “precious” people, when tourists come they often run to “ask” for food from curious travelers.

In addition to the leftovers of tourists, the cats are also fed by the islanders, but so that the number of cats is not so much so some male cats have been castrated. In addition to worrying about an increase in the number of cats, the islanders are concerned that too many tourists will affect their lives, but it seems that tourists are very interested in the peaceful landscape and cats. This place is why the number of tourists is increasing. Let’s take a look at some pictures of the landscape and the cats on the island, sure you guys will love it.

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