The summer exercise of the Japanese physics teacher surprised the students

Instead of assigning a lot of homework, Mr. Yasuhiro Hata tells his students “summer homework is not necessary” to do things of their own accord.

High schools across Japan have entered a month and a half summer vacation. This means that kids will be given a lot of homework so they don’t forget their knowledge. However, with the same summer homework assignment, Yasuhiro Hata, physics teacher at Utsunomiya High School (Utsunomiya city, Japan) surprised students.

Bài tập hè thầy Hata giao cho học sinh lớp 10 trường trung học Utsunomiya, Nhật Bản. Ảnh: Yasuhiro Hata.

Summer homework Mr. Hata assigned to grade 10 students at Utsunomiya High School, Japan. Photo: Yasuhiro Hata.

Summer homework Mr. Hata gives students in grade 10 only one page of A4 with the following content: “It is not necessary to check the summer homework, but if there are positive results, they can notify the teacher. homeroom member.

It’s been four months since they attended Utsunomiya High School, with loads of tasks like going to school every day, doing homework, taking tests, and then having little time left to pursue things. they want. Summer break allows children to stay away from these things and gives them rare opportunities to exercise hobbies. Summer vacation is yours and I want you to understand that 10th grade summer vacation comes to you only once in your life.

If you are interested in science, understand that there is much more to learn than textbooks. Go to science museums, explore institutions and participate in scientific research. Some research institutions and universities also hold science seminars and summer camps for high school students. Why are you limiting learning to textbooks while the world is operating out there?

However, if you want to expand your limits, you can consult college programs. Our school library has a lot of science books, some extremely difficult, but also extremely easy to understand. Remember that libraries are great environments for learning.

And whether you are traveling or doing anything other than studying, remember that it’s your own choice. “

Dịp hè, học sinh trung học Nhật Bản thường phải làm nhiều bài tập về nhà. Ảnh: Soranews24

During the summer, Japanese high school students often have to do a lot of homework. Photo: Soranews24

The photo of summer homework was posted on Twitter on July 17 by Mr. Hata and quickly attracted the attention of the community with more than 112,000 likes and nearly 30,000 tweets. The summer homework of the physics teacher was approved and regretted by many people because there was no such teacher in school.

“This is the Physics teacher we want to have, educating students about the importance of life by giving the right advice. The motivation comes from within and this summer assignment has certainly been a hit. push students instead of throwing them a mountain of homework, “commented one person.

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