The temple of world records in Japan

Surrounded by eight mountains, the Buddhist Temple is considered one of the largest Buddhist centers in the world.


Buddhist Temple is located in Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe city, on an area of ​​nearly 150 hectares. Founded by the Venerable Master – Dr. Kyuse Enshinjoh, the temple is surrounded by eight mountains representing the eight-petaled lotus. Every detail from decorative lines, architectural designs, trees, paths to statues … is imbued with the spirit of Japanese Buddhism.



The Buddhist hall is considered one of the largest Buddhist centers in the world.

Upon arriving at the royal road, you will admire firsthand Buddha statues made of gold and many treasures. According to legend, this land was formerly called the Mang Xa Valley, where the Venerable Master – Dr. Enshinjoh was dreamed of by a serpent. In Buddhism, the image of the serpent is the protection of the righteous dharma, so Venerable Enshinjoh believes this is the only worthy place to build a Buddhist center.

The large gardens here are meticulously cared for with many rare plants creating a romantic space. Therefore, visitors often compare this place as a living art picture.


The bridge crosses the river to lead to Vuong Duong. The main hall is located on the top of the hill called the Pure Land of humanity. The building is 51.5 m high, decorated with 10,450 wooden patterns and 320,000 gilded carvings.

The Buddhist Kingdom is also known as the place to hold many records: The largest roof top is placed on the main roof, the largest and heaviest pair of stone lamps in the world. On the road leading to the main hall, there is also a shrine of Prince Thanh Duc. This is the largest octagonal shrine in Japan.

In the royal road, there are many lacquer statues of the largest size in the world. The whole park around the temple is also recognized as one of the most beautiful Japanese monasteries in the world, home to pine trees over 800 years old.

Không gian bên trong vương đường.

The space inside the kingdom.

The Five Noble Phantasms Park in the pagoda houses 500 life-sized statues of Arahants made of stone. 3.5 million people including architects, engineers, artisans, workers from Korea and China worked hard for 7 years to create this project.

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