The coastal temple has 123 crimson gates in Japan

Motonosumi Inari Shrine located on the coast of Japan is famous all over the world by the red torii gates one after another.

Located in the north of Nagato city, Yamaguchi prefecture, Motonosumi Inari Shrine attracts thousands of visitors each year. Impressing visitors is the winding red line made up of 123 Torii gates leading to the edge of the cliff, where you can see the sea. The scene here is more peaceful than many temples in Japan’s major city.

Đền Motonosumi vẫn còn khá xa lạ với du khách nước ngoài. Ảnh: Pinterest.

Motonosumi Temple is still quite unfamiliar to foreign tourists. Photo: Pinterest.

According to locals, Motonosumi Inari Temple was built in 1955 when a fisherman received a sacred message from a dream white fox. The people believe that this fox spirit comes from Taikodani Inari Temple, Shimane Prefecture. Then 123 gates and the temple were built.

Japanese shrines often have a small coin box placed on the ground. But in Motonosumi Inari, this box is placed on top of the Torii gate (5 meters from the ground) at the main entrance of the temple. People think that if you successfully throw money in the box, your wish will come true.

Con đường đỏ dài hơn 100 m dẫn ra đại dương. Ảnh: Japan Travel.

The red road is over 100 meters long leading to the ocean. Photo: Japan Travel.

In 2017, Motonosumi Inari Temple was voted by CNN to be in the top 36 most beautiful places in Japan but is still quite unfamiliar to Vietnamese tourists. In addition to visiting the crimson road, visitors can also admire the sea landscape here.

Nagato-Furuichi is the nearest train station. You can take a taxi to get to the temple, travel time is nearly 20 minutes. There is no entrance fee for this place.

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