Where adventurous visitors jump into the abyss in Japan

Ryujin Suspension Bridge in Ibaraki Prefecture is where visitors experience bungee jumping from the greatest height in Japan.

Ryujin Suspension Bridge is located in Okukuji Nature Park, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. With a length of 375 m, this is the third longest pedestrian bridge in Japan, behind the 400 m long Mishima Sky Walk (Shizuoka Prefecture) and 390 m long Kokonoe Yume Ooturibashi (Oita Prefecture). Coming here in the autumn, visitors feel lost in a colorful world of forests changing leaves.

The bridge crosses the Ryujin River, and can accommodate 3,500 people at the same time.

It is famous for bungee jumping from the highest height in Japan, 100 meters below the river surface.

The spectators cheered for the visitors’ bungee dance.

If you do not have the courage to jump into the abyss, you can walk on the bridge. Some sections have a transparent glass bottom for guests to see the scenery below.

From the bridge you can see the panoramic view of Suifu mountain range and Suifu hydroelectric dam.

The price to visit this place is 310 yen (nearly 70,000 VND). Guests have to pay 15,000 yen (more than 3.2 million) for a bungee jump.

Local people organize many seasonal events, including the famous Koi-nobori-matsuri (Carp Festival) from April to May every year. There will be about 1,000 carp kites in the sky above the Ryujin Dam.

The trees in this area are quite diverse, popular with red leaf maple. The ideal time to visit this place is from around late August to the end of November. In the fall, a Momiji autumn leaf festival is held in the Ryujin-kyo valley below.

After going all the way across the bridge, you can continue your adventure in the outer area where there are many stalls selling snacks.

Grilled octopus cake is one of the highlights that costs about 100 yen (about 20,000 VND).

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