A light space for guests to take pictures of ‘virtual living’ in Japan

The “Light Museum” teamLab Planets in Tokyo brings visitors to an unlimited artistic experience.

Travel blogger Ly Thanh Co has just had a trip to Japan under the program Tugo Challenge You. One of his most memorable experiences was “lost” in the light world of teamLab Borderless. This is one of the most unique art exhibitions in Tokyo, Japan.

tác phẩm thiên hà pha lê tại Teamlab Planet - ảnh: Design Boom.

“Crystal galaxy” at Teamlab’s exhibition. Photo: Design Boom.

According to Ly Thanh Co, visitors should wear sporty clothes when visiting the exhibition. The road to Teamlab Planet will pass through a steep slope with flowing water. In addition, the water level in the arc can wet your pants. Female guests should avoid wearing short skirts, as the ceiling and ground are all made of mirrors.

“When I come here, the tour guide will inform the group in advance about the right outfit, so I only wear lightweight clothes to comfortably move,” Ly Thanh Co said. Visitors should wear dark tones to stand out more when taking pictures “virtual live”.

Travel bloggers advise travelers to keep their wallet and some electronics in lockers to avoid getting into the water. The 5 main areas of the museum are named “World Without Borders”, “Athletics Forest”, “Resonance Forest”, “Park of the Future” and a special area for everyone to enjoy tea. .

Du khách nên mặc trang phục gọn gàng, dễ vận động khi tham quan triển lãm. Ảnh: Lý Thành Cơ.

Visitors should wear neat and active clothes when visiting the exhibition. Photo: Ly Thanh Co.

Admission fee is 3,200 yen (about 690,000 VND).

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