A giant Buddha statue in the middle of the Japanese lavender hill

The statue of Buddha in Sapporo is surrounded by 150,000 clusters of lavender flowers.

Buddha statue hill was completed in December 2015, by famous Japanese architect Tadao Ando. Photo: Spoon & Tamago.

After that, the investor felt that this scene did not convey the elegance of the Buddhist space, so he wanted to repair. They came up with the idea of ​​turning the hills around the giant Buddha statue into a field of lavender flowers. Photo: Dezeen.

Buddha statue is designed with its name. In it, the Buddha statue is 13.5 m high, weighs 1,500 tons, located in the middle of the lavender hill with a slight slope with an area of ​​180 hectares. Photo: Vitra.

If you just stand from a distance, you will not be able to see the full architecture of this work, because the statue is placed in a giant well. To admire the beauty of the statue, visitors have to go deep inside and see from the bottom up. Photo: Goodlucktripjapan.

Under the Buddha statue hill is a space to pray, attracting many tourists to visit. The Buddha statue’s head is placed in the middle of a large well, capturing the sunlight, creating a magical landscape of worship. Photo: Flickr.

There is also a garden surrounded by high cast concrete walls and a small gravel border. Photo: Dezeen.

Surrounding the hill are 150,000 clusters of lavender flowers spread evenly. From June to August, this place is like wearing a purple shirt, attracting visitors from all over. The surrounding vegetation changes seasonally, from green in spring to purple in summer, and finally white in winter, when the area is covered with snow. Photo: Davidairey.

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