Having lost his wallet, the Japanese male student is helped by a stranger

Intending to go to Yonagunijim Island to attend his funeral, Naha discovered he lost his wallet. In her desperation, she was given 60,000 yen by a kind doctor.

Soma Sakimoto, a student at Okinawa Technical High School (Naha City, Okinawa, Japan) boarded a train to Naha airport on the morning of April 24. I planned to go to Yonagunijim Island to attend your funeral, but found that I lost my wallet.

When the train reached the airport, all the passengers left, and Sakimoto himself sat down, holding his head and thinking of a solution. At the same time, 68-year-old doctor Hiroshi Inoya got on the train to return to the city after a business trip.

Inoya, seeing Sakimoto’s strange expression, approached him and asked him how he was going. After hearing that, the 68-year-old doctor gave Sakimoto 60,000 yen (about 12 million dong), equal to the money that the male student lost and reminded him to quickly buy his flight ticket. The two people are not communicating.

Soma Sakimoto (giữa) chụp ảnh cùng bác sĩ Inoya (trái) và cha em (phải) tại trường trung học kỹ thuật Okinawa (Nhật Bản) ngày 21/5. Ảnh: Tsukasa Kimura

Soma Sakimoto (center) takes a photo with Dr. Inoya (left) and her father (right) at Okinawa Technical High School (Japan) on May 21. Photo: Tsukasa Kimura

Returning from his funeral, Sakimoto contacted a newspaper in Okinawa prefecture telling the story in the hope that the newspaper would publish her information with a photo. Male students want to find benefactors to thank and pay.

On May 10, a colleague read the article and informed Dr. Inoya. According to Inoya, listening to his story, his colleagues even said he was cheated. “Seeing the news that he was looking for me, I was so happy to tears,” Inoya said.

On May 21, Inoya visited Sakimoto at the Okinawa Technical High School. The male student said that thanks to information published in the newspaper, his lost wallet was found at another station, still enough 60,000 yen inside.

“I’m relieved to be able to thank Dr. Inoya directly,” said Sakimoto, hoping to help others when they are in trouble like her benefactor.

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