Japan tested the world’s fastest bullet train

The latest Japanese bullet train model can reach speeds of nearly 400 km / h and will run the test for three years.

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Japan tested the world’s fastest bullet train

The bullet train ALFA-X. Video: YouTube.

The new version, called the ALFA-X of the Shinkansen bullet train, began a three-year test run from May 10. Expected to go into operation in 2030, the train will run at a speed of 360 km / h and become the fastest bullet train in the world. The ALFA-X will run 10 km / h faster than the Chinese Fuxing train even though both trains are designed with the same maximum speed.

The modern design of the ALFA-X includes 10 cars and an elongated bow. The train will be tested on a 280 km long track connecting the two cities of Sendai and Aomori. Test runs will take place after midnight when the tracks are quiet and are conducted twice a week. The ALFA-X marks a new phase of development for the Shinkansen bullet train, making the world-famous high-speed rail service even faster.

Another high-speed train model, the Shinkansen N700S, was also tested a year ago. This model will go into service in 2020, but the maximum speed is limited to 300 km / h, much lower than the ALFA-X. However, the speed of the ALFA-X is still far behind the magnetic buffer train set a world record of Japan at 603 km / h on the test track in 2015.

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