Japanese grandmother musical instrument group released rap video to welcome the G20 conference

Old women dance on the streets to convey the message of the “funniest in the world” Osaka people ahead of the G20 conference in this city.

Obachaaan, an “idol group” in Osaka, Japan consisting of elderly women with an average age of 66, posted on Youtube a rap video in English on June 19 to celebrate the upcoming G20 summit. in the city on June 28-29.

The song, titled “Oba Funk Osaka”, features colorful videos of women dancing on the streets, to illustrate the message that the people of Osaka are “the funniest people in the world”. The lyrics also mention Osaka’s attractions such as takoyaki (octopus cake), free wifi, hospitality and the cuteness of the people.

“We hope people around the world will be full of energy after watching the video. Let’s chat! Let’s dance! This is Osaka, a great city!”, Said Eiko Funai, a 71-year-old member of the group Obachaaan, said.

Older women often wear leopard-patterned outfits that older women in Osaka love. They are known for being loud, humorous, animated and friendly. Obachaaan was established in 2011 and has 7 permanent members.

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