Vietnamese people apply for a Japanese visa, the 3rd largest in Asia

Visa issued by the Japanese diplomatic mission in 2018 increased to a record, reaching more than 6.95 million visas.

Currently, Japan exempted visas for more than 60 countries, mainly European countries. Not only that, this country also loosens the visa policy for many other countries to develop tourism. As a result, the number of visas issued has increased continuously from 1.8 million in 2013, reaching a record of more than 6.95 million in 2019.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, about 80% of the country’s visas are issued to Chinese citizens. The number of visas issued to Filipino citizens is the second most, Vietnam is third and Indonesia is fourth.

Nhật Bản cũng sẽ thu hút thêm du khách bằng chiến lược tăng số lượng các hãng hàng không, nhất là các hãng giá rẻ. Ảnh: Stuff.

Japan will also attract more tourists with the strategy of increasing the number of airlines, especially low-cost ones. Photo: Stuff.

The above change has increased the workload for Japanese diplomatic missions abroad. The country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working to simplify the process by promoting the online visa application system and increasing the number of telephone exchanges.

To meet the target of welcoming 60 million tourists by 2030, the Japanese government intends to adopt an electronic visa system. The scheduled time to start this program is April 2020. Visitors wishing to obtain an electronic visa can apply through travel agents.

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