Sakura – a flower that celebrates Japanese kindness

Although chrysanthemum is considered the national flower, cherry is the most famous name that makes visitors think of Japan.

In Japan, cherry blossom (sakura) is popular with many people. Every year, Japanese people also release the forecast of the blooming day, extending from north to south so that people can easily participate in the flower viewing festival. Its popularity extends beyond borders, and is admired by millions of tourists.

Vào tháng 3,4 hàng năm, dọc Nhật Bản là sắc hồng rực rỡ của hoa anh đào nở rộ. Ảnh: Matcha.

Every year in March and April, along Japan is the brilliant pink color of cherry blossoms in full bloom. Photo: Matcha.

There are many legends about the origin, or related to the cherry blossom tree. One of them is the sakura that symbolizes the hope of samurai warriors. The fragility of flowers and the time to bloom – shortness symbolizes the samurai in war, life and death. Cherry blossoms are also a symbol of their luck.

In addition, this flower is associated with another legend, more known by many people. It is about a good old couple living with their dog Siro. One day, the animal accidentally helped the owner to dig a pot of gold buried in the garden and the two became rich.

The greedy neighbor who borrowed the dog home to wait for it also helped me find gold. However, what this man found was a pile of trash. Angry, the neighbor then killed the little dog.

Hoa anh đào tượng trưng cho tinh thần bất tử của các samurai. Ảnh: Gaijinpot.

Cherry blossoms represent the immortal spirit of the samurai. Photo: Gaijinpot.

The elderly couple suffered and decided to plant a pine tree to commemorate the faithful animal. When the pine was grown, the couple cut the pine tree to make a cake mold, because the dog, when he was alive, liked to eat rice cakes. The man was very surprised when he started beating the rice to make cakes, the grains turned gold again. The greedy neighbor continued to borrow the mold to break the rice, but his rice only turned into trash. Angry, he burned the mold. The kind old man, upon hearing the incident, brought back the ashes of the mold, according to You are a canvas.

In winter, the man scatters ashes in his garden. When spreading, the whole garden suddenly blossoms. The prince in the area came to the news to ask for ashes with the desire to save the dead cherry blossom tree in the garden. When the old man sprinkled ashes, the flower tree came back to life and the couple received many precious gifts from the prince. The couple lived a prosperous life until the end of their life.

Vào mùa hoa anh đào nở, hàng triệu du khách quốc tế đổ xô tới Nhật để ngắm hoa. Ảnh: Hub Japan.

During the cherry blossom season, millions of international tourists flock to Japan to see the flowers. Photo: Hub Japan.

Another beautiful legend related to these pink flowers is about a nanny who loves a child so much, even though it is not a natural child. She even used her life and soul to protect the child. It is said that on each day of the death of that woman, the cherry blossom tree will bloom. Although this is just a folk tale, the story has touched many visitors. “A person who can give up his life to save others is such a beautiful heart,” said Sarah Anne, a tourist from England.

The idea that the Japanese want to convey in these stories is “love works miracles”, when we give, it means getting a lot in return.

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