Office ‘capsule’ free Wi-Fi, charging equipment in Japan

Station Work allows users to access Wi-Fi, use desks, screens and power outlets within 30 minutes without paying.

According to Soranews24, this office system is being tested at three major stations in Tokyo, simulating the trend of “capsule” hotels, which are famous in Japan.

Văn phòng con nhộng được triển khai tại các nhà ga lớn ở Tokyo.

Office “capsules” are deployed at major stations in Tokyo. Photo: Soranews24

They are boxes like public phone booths, equipped with free Wi-Fi, desks, screens with HDMI and USB connections, USB and conventional power outlets, and air conditioning functions. heating. Target customers of Station Work are those who need to send emails urgently, need to complete work on computers or need to charge batteries for mobile devices.

The inside space is large enough for a person to sit, users can also observe the outside through the translucent glass. The soundproofing system of this office is rated quite well. Station Work allows users to use up to 30 minutes per session.

Bên trong một văn phòng Station Work.

Inside an office Station Work. Photo: Soranews24

To experience, users need to register an account on the system’s website, select stations according to the location on the map, usage time (service is open from 9am to 9pm) to make a reservation. Outside each Station Work has a touch screen that supports scanning QR codes with smartphones to unlock.

Station Work is being deployed in metro stations, where many people and tourists gather. The first test will run until February 20.

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