Beautiful female robot like a real person in Japan

Erica robot not only possesses a beautiful face but also has the ability to talk and joke very flexibly.

Erica is not an ordinary robot, but it loves interacting with people, telling jokes and even soul, according to Japanese inventor Hiroshi Ishiguro. Female robot feels identical to the real person from the shape to the way of talking in an interview with the Bloomberg site, Sun reported on December 2.

Ishiguro said Erica can be warm and considerate. It is also developing a sense of humor. The inventor thinks this is “the most beautiful human-like automatic robot in the world”.

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The robot cannot move its arm, but it can sense where the sound is coming from to identify who is talking. It is equipped with 14 infrared sensors to track everyone’s position in the room and the ability to recognize faces.

Erica is the product of JST Erato project, one of the largest investment projects in Japan. Ishiguro shared that he started the project to better understand people.

Robot Erica identifies it as “like a human” and demonstrates a clear understanding of the differences between humans and machines. “When people talk to me, they address me like normal people. I think that’s different from how they call pets dogs,” Erica said.

During the conversation, the female robot also expressed her desire to see the world more and be able to move her hands and feet.


“What we really want to do is have a robot that can think, act and do things on its own,” said Dr. Dylan Glas, co-creator of Erica.

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