Aquariums in Japan ‘miraculously revived’ after the tsunami disaster

Aquamarine Fukushima returned to welcome guests just 4 months after all marine life died.

Fukushima Aquamarine Aquarium was built in 2000 with a mostly glass design, with a modern curved dome. The building is located on the coast of Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture.

In November 2011, the project was destroyed 90% after the tsunami. All marine life living here died due to the power outage in the city, the oxygen supply was not working.

Mr. Masa Twata is a speaker at the aquarium since the early days of this place welcoming guests. “I don’t dare to recall that fateful day. Two days later, the director asked the entire staff to come together and think about plans to repair,” Mr. Masa Twata said. Only 4 months after the disaster, this place was completely restored.

Currently, the aquarium is home to hundreds of species of marine life. It has two main spaces: the experience zone and the living area designed with 4 floors.

Aquamarine Fukushima is the first aquarium to have a water tank designed in a triangular shape in the form of a tunnel. Glass plate is 40 cm thick, withstands great pressure of water. Here, people recreate the flow of sea water, one side is hot water, the other is cold.

At the entrance to the aquarium, you will be overwhelmed by a water tank twice the height of a human.

Your guide will take you on a tour of the habitats of different species. At the experience area, you can both watch and use bare feet to touch the starfish, flat fighting fish, sea cucumber …

It also exhibits many rare species such as the African coelacant, a very old fish in African waters. According to the tour guide, this species predates dinosaurs.

A herringbone model on display on the 3rd floor.

Many fossils under the sea are also arranged for guests to learn. Some schools around the area let students come here to visit and learn about the world of marine life.

Large tank containing more than 30,000 fish is separated by tall glass. This area is also home to seals, sea lions, wild ducks …

The restaurant is right inside the aquarium, where you can sit back to rest, relax after visiting.

Currently, the museum is one of the attractions in the Han River company’s Japan discovery schedule. If you are self-sufficient, you can take the train to Izumi station on the JR Joban line, which is the station closest to the aquarium. From Izumi Station, you continue on the bus that takes the Onahama / Ena Line and get off at Shisho Iriguchi station. After that, you will continue to walk for another 10 minutes to arrive.

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