Puffer fish (Fugu) – A million-dollar dish and also one of the most unique fish in the world.


Puffer fish dishes are specially decorated by professional chefs.

Japanese culture is associated with fresh seafood – it is reflected in the dishes “National Soul” is Sashimi and Sushi. There is a species of fish that may not equal tuna but it is always on the list of the most expensive fish in upscale restaurants that is Japanese Pufferfish or Fugu in Japanese.

Japanese puffer fish – One of the top dishes in Japan.
Fugu, also known as the puffer fish, is a fish that you probably want to stay away from just by hearing the name because its shape is extremely horror as well as the type of toxin hidden inside the fish. this. But for people in Phu Tang Department, the puffer fish is used to process high quality food. The fish makes Japan million dollars a year. Only famous restaurants and licensed top chefs can serve this expensive dish.

The puffer fish has a cute appearance but is deadly.

Extremely interesting history of puffer fish.
In fact pufferfish was once a “national forbidden” dish of Japan in the 16th century, after a group of Samurai could not wake up because of eating this puffer fish. And it is also the only fish that, despite its delicious taste, has never appeared in the palace.

The puffer fish image is prepared by chefs.

Initially, Fugu was a dish that no one would dare to try because so many people died from poisoning in puffer fish. There is a roof that does not produce this toxin in the body, it is accumulated and transmitted by bacteria called Pseudomonas, a toxic bacteria. Through a lot of time after discovering the cause of the death of puffer fish, the Japanese have a solution to today can serve us delicious puffer fish. Not everyone can cook this dish, even a slight mistake in the preliminary processing can be fatal.

The problem is that this fish is one of the most poisonous creatures in the world, on the puffer fish’s body contains the toxin Tetrodotoxin – a powerful neurochemical that only needs 1mg is enough for an adult to die in pain. But few people know that the nutritional content is extremely large, so the Japanese government has issued a law requiring new certificates to be allowed to slaughter and trade puffer fish.

To prepare pufferfish, chefs must master a cutting technique called Usu-Zukuri, which means thin fish and the finished work is in the shape of Chrysanthemum, a flower symbolizing longevity and qualities. noble in Japanese culture. Fugu appears only in receptions or important parties.

Pufferfish sashimi dish you can choose for yourself a beautiful plate with many colors to decorate because naturally the pufferfish meat when sliced ​​has transparent color. In addition to making sashimi, the puffer fish dish is also used to cook porridge dishes with significant nutritional benefits.

Each plate of puffer fish is processed in a unique and beautiful way.

The indispensable seasoning is the cup of soy sauce and dashi soup made from dried tuna and seaweed. Fugu sashi becomes more and more attractive if visitors use it with the typical small Japanese onion. This combination makes the dish both rich in flavor, sweetness of fish meat mixed with the pungent taste of onions, making taste and smell strong.

Puffer fish gradually became a part of Japanese culture
Real puffer fish skin lanterns hang outside a restaurant in the city of Shimonoseki. There is even a statue made of puffer fish in the city center. Desire to enjoy Fugu pufferfish dish made from this fish has the essence of Japanese cuisine. Shimonoseki is known as the pufferfish capital of Japan. Here, seafood gourmets in Japan quarrel that Haedomari Market is the only place in the country of cherry, specializing in the special dish that is infused from the puffer fish, one of Japan’s delicacies.

Lanterns are made from puffer fish.

In Vietnam, there are also many curious cases that have tried this puffer fish dish which leads to danger to life. So you should not try to cook this puffer fish at home, but go to reputable restaurants to be qualified chefs to serve family and friends.

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