Famous for making money without doing anything

Shoji Morimoto is known and hired by many people to watch the cherry blossoms bloom with them, go to a wedding or simply stay by to hear them talk.
In just two years, from an unemployed man in Tokyo, Shoji Morimoto became a fairly popular figure in Japan, with 270,000 followers on Twitter. Shoji has also appeared on national television, invited to interview with magazines, and even published books and stories on Amazon.

This is seen as staggering because of his successful career thanks to Shoji’s exceptional service, in which he has little to do but meet strangers, listen to their stories or simply. be there when they need it. Basically, Shoji essentially hires him to strangers, informing them that he will do nothing but eat, drink, and be with them.

According to Oddity Central, Shoji used to be a model student. He worked hard, did well in school and graduated with a master’s degree in physics from the prestigious Osaka University. Shoji was accepted as a book editor at a publishing company, but in 2017, after three years of joining, he decided to quit his job because he realized this was not the job he really wanted. Last year, Shoji told Toyokeizai Online that he quit his job after reading a book about the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, thereby radically changing his outlook on life.

“I went to college and then graduated because the people around me did it. I got caught up in it without thinking, I rarely lived on my own initiative,” Shoji said, adding after reading about Nietzsche, you started to reconsider how you lived.

In August 2018, Shoji finally announced the service he offered to the world via a Twitter post. With the title of his post “People Who Do Not Rent”, Shoji said he is always ready if anyone needs someone to do some simple tasks like watching the cherry blossoms, listening to them or simply. simply be on the side. Customers will have to pay travel fee and food and drink (if any) for Shoji.

Shoji’s idea quickly became famous on social networks, many strangers kept sending requests to him. Shoji’s Twitter accounts range from a few tens to 170,000 followers in just one year, and currently 270,000. He was invited to appear on television and magazines and thus the job was even more favorable. Currently, Shoji is busy all week and leaves the house every day at 8:30 and returns at 22:00.

While Shoji does not charge anything other than travel and meals, most of the customers insist on paying him more. At first he felt ashamed, but now he is used and no longer afraid to accept their money.

Shoji explains that his work is quite diverse. In a recent tweet on Twitter, the 37-year-old detailed a mission in which he was invited by a man to a 5-star hotel, where he would visit once a month as a hobby. . This person just wanted to talk to Shoji about this hobby, so he simply sat and listened to the customer for about 3 hours.

Another Shoji experience was when he was asked by a woman who had just filed for divorce to go to a wedding party because he didn’t want to invite friends.

“You don’t need to do anything,” another wrote to Shoji. “I just want someone who is not family, friends, or lover, who do not know me, be there.”

Shoji also tells his customers that he doesn’t have any special skills, and doesn’t really want to do anything. What he committed to was just being there, beside them, listening and answering them briefly, or walking with … Besides, Shoji wouldn’t do anything else.

Hiring is quite popular in Japan, as people even hire actors to act as parents of their children. But no one is as successful as Shoji, who provides the service but hardly does anything for the customer.

Shoji Morimoto’s unique way of working even became the inspiration for the birth of a TV show of the same name “People Who Do Not Rent”, starring actor Takashisa Masuda. The show focuses on the services Shoji provides and how he touches the lives of others. The show aired from April 2020.

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