Danshari – Declutter for a better life

Minimalism Japanese lifestyle, often referred to in Japanese as Danshari or in English as Minimalism. This is a very interesting lifestyle, which is interested and learned by many countries around the world. So there is nothing special about the minimalistic lifestyle that many people are interested in. Let’s find out today!


First, Japanese people tend to live a rustic, modest, simple lifestyle, not wanting to stand out by the value of the property they own. They also always emphasize orderliness and cleanliness.

In addition, the modernization has increasingly promoted the idea of ​​attaching importance to the ownership of many assets and money. Therefore, a part of Japanese began to lead a life that was restricted from material constraints. They advocate disposing of such unnecessary things in order to free up living space, mind and always keep “human” at the center of life.

In addition, Japan is a country frequently affected by natural disasters and earthquakes. Therefore, the Japanese often avoid buying too many items to prevent the furniture from falling, causing danger if a natural disaster occurs.

What is Danshari?

Danshari is a Japanese word made up of three kanji characters that mean refusaldisposal and separation (断捨離). This is not merely the disposal of unnecessary objects, but it is also cleaning has roots in spirituality and flirts with the Japanese philosophy danshari, a philosophy entwined with Zen Buddhism.

1. Dan: Refusal

To put it simply, it’s like being honest with yourself, taking only what you really need. It is a way to avoid the “heartless consumerism” that any of us may have experienced. This is a great way to help you remember that when you buy anything you are thinking, “Ah, I really need this item”, not “The salesperson offers a good price.”

2. Sha : Disposal

You will remove a clutter from your daily routine. It’s as simple as throwing trash. Getting rid of the unnecessary things is helping you to reduce anxiety every day. If we do not reject them, let them remain in stock over time, the heaviness in the mind will increase and explode one day.

3. Ri : Seperation

You separate yourself from the attractiveness of new things, from meaningless luxuries, and return to your true self. Your life consists of more than you own. Once you accept this, the universe will bring you a much bigger gift. It is the satisfaction with what you have rather than the desire for what you do not have.

In conclusion, Dashari is…

  • Refuse to bring home unnecessary items.
  • Dispose all unnecessary things in the house.
  • Seperate from the temptation to buy new items

Danshari – Simplicity is happiness

Young people following the Danshari lifestyle live in an apartment that contains only essential items for daily life. Depending on the needs of each individual, the furniture is delicately classified, scientifically cut for a relatively long time.

After a while, their spirits became more open and relaxed. The gradual elimination of unnecessary things will bring a positive benefit that what stays is what they really love and cherish in life, everything will become really clear. Instead of wasting time and mind on unnecessary things, they will focus on clean handling, cherishing the things they choose to stay in their lives.

Not only is the trend for young Japanese in the age group 20-30, the Danshari lifestyle has now spread all over the world, those who like to experience, want to free themselves from all daily troubles.

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