Yokohama’s Must Eat Dishes

Here are the must-try dishes while enjoying a wonderful stay in Yokohama! Be sure to pack an appetite because there is so much tasty food to try!

Chinese Cuisine

With such an impressive Chinatown, it would be a shame not to try Chinese cuisine in Yokohama! There are many different delicious restaurants in this district, with many types of cuisine to try.

There are numerous restaurants in Yokohama’s Chinatown specialized in dim sum. What is great about restaurants serving dim sum is that you get to try many types of tasty bite-sized food, such as meat-filled dumplings, shrimp wafers, sesame fried balls, etc.

Shabu Shabu

Shabu Shabu is also famous in Yokohama, probably because it abounds with awesome and high-quality shabu shabu restaurants. Shabu shabu is a fun activity because you get to make it yourself and enjoy it slowly with friends or family, but mostly because it’s damn delicious!

Napolitan Pasta

Napolitan pasta is a hugely popular dish in Japan and is usually quite cheap. Napolitan pasta was apparently invented in Japan after the arrival of American troops. It was first made by Shigetada Irie, the general chef of the New Grand Hotel in Yokohama. He was inspired by the military troop’s food rations, and made the now staple dish with spaghetti and ketchup. Although it is no longer made with ketchup, it is still widely eaten throughout Japan. Now, it is commonly eaten with tomato sauce and sausage.

Hayashi Rice

Last but not least is Hayashi rice, which is hashed beef served in a thick demi-glace sauce served over rice. This dish, like Neapolitan pasta, is a Japanese take on a Western dish.

Hayashi Rice is a classic beef stew that’s mildly sweet and savory, making it a family favorite in Japan.

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