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Since the 19th century, beauty contests have been held around the world to honor talent and beauty. So far, beauty pageants have been taking place more and more on a grand scale, and many people even consider it an unofficial industry because of the enormous financial resources each contest brings to them. organizations, sponsors, contestants, and other stakeholders. Miss culture (or industry?!) – something considered orthodox on a national and international scale has been making a lot of impact on society in general. People ask questions: Do beauty pageants really honor beauty, talent – humane values, or simply a superficial entertainment event promoting false values ​​in society.

Beauty contests offer:

  1. Skills development
    Confidence, performance, speaking in public … is one of the skills trained when contestants participate in the competition. Each contest usually lasts a certain period of time with a series of activities and challenges for candidates to show their best ability. This is a valuable training opportunity for anyone who wants to embark on a career in music, acting, radio … Indeed, so many people have changed their lives and become stars thanks to maturing from beauty contests. like Mai Phuong Thuy and Pham Huong …
  2. Discipline and exercise regime
     Everyone who wants to take part in the beauty contest must go through a diet and practice extremely seriously. This is not a simple process. Typically, after each beauty contest, we still read countless articles about the girls’ weight loss journey in order to achieve the best body that Miss. Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen – Miss Vietnam 2014 revealed that she lost 14 kg in the three months before the competition, while Miss Mother 2016 Do My Linh said her child lost 4 kg in just over a week. As such, it is undeniable that competitions have created a strong motivation for them to train themselves with such high discipline.
  3. Bringing life-changing opportunities to winners
    Participating in the beauty pageant means that you can become the owner of great prizes and opportunities. Typically, with the Miss Vietnam 2016 contest in particular, Tan Miss will be crowned worth up to VND 2.2 billion, VND 500 million in cash and experience living in a 5-star apartment in District 7. , Ho Chi Minh City for 2 years. 2 Runner-ups will be awarded cash prizes of VND 300 million and VND 250 million in order and many attractive prizes from sponsors. Being famous also creates the power to influence the community more than ever. Perhaps, that’s why the Miss often becomes a representative face, participating in charitable work, using what she has received to give or pursue her passion.
  4. The event honors women and promotes national identity
    This is probably the reason most people believe and also the factor that creates the most strength to make beauty contests survive and flourish so much. A typical example is the almost-unchanged appearance of the ao dai in the Miss Vietnam pageant every year. Similarly, the traditional costume competition of the World Beauty pageants is considered an opportunity for countries to promote their unique culture to international friends. Venezuela – the great beauty power also takes advantage of this to be remembered by the world. In general, beauty contests are all about the goals that they aim to honor the beauty and talent of women – an important half of the world.

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