More than 42,000 inquiries per year

29th year since our founding, we have been very grateful to connect with customers all over the country and have succeeded in many events. This page gives a quick introduction to what company Event 21 is doing and what it does!

We have received many inquiries from our customers, from individuals to companies and governments. The number is more than 42,000 annually . The number of inquiries a year continues to grow every year.

More than 42,000 inquiries per year

Event 21 includes a questionnaire when the product is shipped. We have received many compliments such as the politeness of our sales response and the ease of understanding of our website, as well as answers to ideas that will improve our company

The number of products handled is top class in the industry. We handle a lot of products such as that and such. Of course, the number of products is increasing every day. In addition, not only goods but also various services such as WEB advertisement and event notification site “Ibe-Katsu.”

Based on the philosophy of “you happy, we happy!” And Miyoshi (Sankata = seller, buyer, public) , we have been running every day to make Japan happy for 29 years. Sales continue to grow with the number of inquiries

We provide total support not only for renting products but also for planning and managing events, and removing and setting up the venue. Even if you don’t have any experience or knowledge about the event, our experienced staff will listen to your opinions and make the event a success.

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