Event 21 policy for event equipment rental

Thank you for visiting Event 21’s website from a number of vendors. Our creed is “to make your event successful” based on the philosophy of you happy, we happy! . We put top priority on making many customers happy! That’s why we pay close attention to quality and price, and strive to make our services more comfortable and smoother than anything else.

or those who rent for the first time to use with confidence
At our company, the return slip is bundled at the time of shipment of the rental item.
“It’s easy because you only have to paste the slip in the box when returning .”
To aim for a better rental service
If the book is for the reader, the web page is for the viewer. Event rental supplies are for those who actually use it and for everyone who gathers at the event venue. One of our core values ​​(the core value of a company) is the “partner’s perspective”. Because we provide services using the Internet, we are responding with a warm communication from the same point of view as our customers, who can not be told only by web pages and catalogs. And we make the best proposals for each customer. The event is a real one game. Because it is an important event that can never fail, we will try our best to respond honestly! Please do not hesitate to contact us even for trivial matters!

I really value the opinions of customers
We will continue to aim to be a company that is loved by society so that we can always say “thank you”. In order to provide better service to rental items sent to customers, questionnaires are attached. The survey you sent back is very important because it was filled in with your valuable time. And thankfully, you can get encouragement and sometimes a helpful opinion. In many cases, we have been able to provide even better information based on the suggestions from customers who actually used our company. You will also know why you chose us, so you can tell the strength of Event 21 with confidence. We have posted questionnaires from customers who used the links below. Opinions from those who have actually used it will be very helpful information for other customers who will be considering using our rental service. is.

If you cannot find the rental you are looking for …
There are many items that are not on the site at Event 21. You can also find what you are looking for by using our network of partners.
If you can’t find the right product immediately, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best for your event!


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