Classic Sukiyaki – The Quintessential Japanese Beef Hot Pot

The history and how to eat properly

Like Sushi and Tempura, “Sukiyaki” is a typical Japanese dish. Sukiyaki usually has ingredients such as beef, scallions, Chinese cabbage, Japanese chrysanthemums, mushrooms, all in a flat pan then dipped raw eggs. Japanese people often go to Sukiyaki to eat on cold nights. There is no shortage of restaurants specializing in Sukiyaki in Japan. Today we will introduce to you the history of Sukiyaki and how to eat this delicious food.

Sukiyaki history: The word “Sukiyaki” begins with a pickaxe used to eat sukiyaki ?!

The meat-eating culture revived again during the Meiji Restoration, Sukiyaki became popular with a large number of people
During the Meiji period, the Emperor gradually promoted the importance of eating meat and promoting a predatory culture. There are many interesting historical records related to Sukiyaki. Among them is the popular Japanese pub in Yokohama – named Isekuma – which was the first restaurant to create Sukiyaki. In 1862 the restaurant was divided into halves, half serving the beef Sukiyaki business.

At that time, many Japanese were still not used to eating beef, so the chef would go out to prepare for everyone to witness, everyone would then eat outdoors. In addition, when diners eat beef, the altar will hang Buddha altar.

Tips for delicious sukiyaki, don’t over cooked!

Boiled beef will gradually harden, so be careful not to overcook when eating Sukiyaki. Dip the meat into the egg as soon as it changes color. The hotpot broth should be kept at 65-75 degrees C instead of boiling. There are many restaurants that will have staff to serve you on the spot but there are also places you need to be self-catering, pay attention.

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