4 details of the press release for new product launches

Whenever the company has a new service on the market, the press release of new products is the first thing to do. Because the media plays an extremely important role for customers and consumers to know who the product is manufactured, the features and the uses. In other words, the press release as a messenger, helps the company’s products closer to consumers. But the detailed process is not known to everyone. The article from Backstage will help you generalize 4 details to consider when modeling press releases for new products.
Press release for new products
Choose the right target press
Having a good press release is a must, but there will be products with customers focused on certain newspapers. For example, for mom and baby products, family newspapers will take precedence over the article evaluation process. To be able to choose the right target press, you need to carefully consult your products, combined with having surveys about reputable newspapers and potential customers. The experience of our choice is to carefully research the consumers where they are located in the media, from which you will get the clearest and most general view of the target in the announcement. Press to launch his new product.
There are at least 3 press release templates for new product launches
There is a principle in the press release that not everything you submit will be properly reported by journalists. Because each editor will have different styles of writing. So having at least 3 sample press releases will give journalists more options for writing articles. For example, a good article from a parent and baby product, with mainstream newspapers focused on reporting on the timing and scale of events. Nutrition newspapers will focus on the effects of milk on mothers and children. The main differences in each customer file of the newspaper that led to each given message will be different. A press release who launches a new product needs to know these things in order to get the best preparation for his job.
Contact journalist before sending notice
This is an advice based on my experience with organizing. For experienced people, they will have many relationships in the journal industry so they can freely report without many obstacles. But for those who do not have much experience, it is still necessary to have a journalist with additional information as well as advice. This will help the press release to be more consistent and full of necessary information based on the knowledge of journalists.
New product release press releases need enough information
For this release, in addition to recording the time, location, and event information, you need an introduction to the company. Company information such as mission or long-term vision will be cleverly integrated into the words of the journalists to get a complete article. For example, clothing products, users may be very interested in the origin of the company, the materials, these details are small but help customers more trust the brand and use products from company.

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