Have you tried the Monjayaki ?

Monjayaki is a dish that has the same ingredients and methods as Okonomiyaki Japanese pancakes. The difference is that the Monjayaki pancake is mixed more water into the flour mixture, the cake will become more mushy and more discrete than Okonomiyaki.

Monjayaki pancake is often referred to as Monja. Because the ingredients and methods are similar to Okonomiyaki, many people often mistake these two cakes for one. If possible, you should try both types of Monjayaki and Okomiyaki to find the difference offline.

The first is that Monjayaki has a different appearance than Okonomiyaki, if Okonomiyaki has a dry appearance and is extremely attractive decoration, Monjayaki has a much less attractive appearance. If you have never enjoyed Monjayaki or Okonomiyaki, but have to choose to enjoy one of the two dishes, your eyes will definitely stop on the Okonomiyaki plate. Because Monjayaki looks very loose and not very nice.

The appearance is ugly, but the flavor that Monjayaki pancakes brings is very attractive and not simple. When enjoying Monjayaki, you will be given a tool that looks like a small excavator to enjoy, it is very strange and cute. The ingredients in each Monjayaki cake are not much different from the ingredients for making Okonomiyaki, except that before baking, people add water to the flour and dilute the flour than Okonomiyaki.

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