Hydrangea Season in Japan

As a symbol of sincerity, about the beginning of June when the first rainy season comes, the time for the Hydrangeas to bloom everywhere in Japan. Hydrangeas have a beauty that is both romantic and wild. The tree is very special, can transfer many colors on the same flower, many different colors on the same tree from turquoise, light pink, blue, ultramarine, light purple to dark purple …

Japanese people enjoy the activity of enjoying seasonal flowers

The tiny petals are simple and fragile, but when blooming, it is still outstanding among the flowers. From the parks, gardens, the sides of the train tracks and the entrance to the temple are full of flowers. Especially at the Meigetsuin temple – where thousands of brilliant Hydrangeas. You will be able to see the spectacular color change of Cam hydrangea flowers such as: pink, purple, white, blue, … Many interesting stories …

 Legend has it that, a beautiful Roman princess to the age of millet, though the king recommended to many people, but she did not agree. On a business trip, she met her loyal partner and threw Cam Tu Cau flowers at him. Since then, people often call Hydrangeas is the marriage proposal.

Another story tells that an emperor used the bouquet of Cam Tu Cau to send to the girl he loved as a sincere apology. Later, Hydrangeas is considered as a flower to represent the sincere feelings of human.

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