Fukusasa Bamboo Branch – Symbol of luck in Japan

Bamboo in Vietnamese history is very heroic to help Thanh Giong to pursue the enemy. And in Japanese history too, the Fukusasa bamboo branch is also the subject of fairy tales, an expression of luck and indispensable in festivals … So why is that?

The source of lucky Fukusasa bamboo branches

Originating from 900 years ago and famous in Japan, it tells the story of a beautiful princess from the moon to the world. The poor bamboo lumberman discovered the tiny princess in the middle of the bamboo trunk and brought it home. The princess grew up very quickly to become a beautiful girl so many people proposed to her, but the day came when she had to return to the moon. Like a bamboo shoot, she was only less than an inch tall when the bamboo cutter discovered and she grew quickly within three months.

cành tre Fukusasa

Most Japanese children know this story under the name Kaguya-hime (meaning Princess Moon) in children’s comics.

During the Yayoi period (300 BC – 40 AD), bamboo trees were used as pen handles, fishing tools such as animal traps (similar to those in the south), basket floors, brushes, etc. .

cành tre Fukusasa

During the Nara period (710 – 794), bamboo was used to make weapons for Samurai warriors: bows, arrows, … Bamboo was always an essential material in distinguishing architectural designs, Sukiya. -zukuri (housing architecture school incorporating special building nuances for tea drinking rituals (tea) appeared during the Azuchi- Momoyama period (1573-1603) and Edo (1603-1868). It is used only as a support for clay pallets, but also as a decorative material in the corners, openings, blinds and ceiling closures. exquisitely made of many different varieties of bamboo …

cành tre Fukusasa

What’s the lucky Fukusasa bamboo branch of Japan?

From these historical periods and fairy tales, the Japanese have always believed that Fukusasa bamboo branches will bring good luck and bring blessings to the family. Therefore, on festive occasions, the Japanese often decorate with lucky bamboo branches.

In January, temples in Japan will sell bamboo stems, which brings a lot of goodness to local business people. During Tet, if you attach a lucky bamboo branch, you will be happy and peaceful for your family

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