The typical sushi culture of each region of Japan

Today, sushi is not only famous in Japan but around the world anyone can enjoy sushi. In addition, there are many types of sushi that are not traditional sushi, but are modified and created abroad and then imported back to Japan.

However, did you know that sushi also brings characteristics of each region?

Sushi is a typical dish of Japan, but sushi in each region has a certain difference. If you know about this difference, next time you visit Japan, enjoying sushi will become much more interesting.

Characteristics of Japanese sushi

First of all, the famous Hokkaido food region!
Hokkaido is famous for crabs, sea urchins and salmon roe. The special feature of Hokkaido sushi is that diners can enjoy the freshest crab, sea urchin and salmon roe dishes, especially sea urchins are exploited and grown on 2 islands of Rebunto and Okushirito. This type of sea urchin, when eaten, will bring a melting sensation in the mouth with a delicious taste, which will surely leave unforgettable memories for every customer.

Sushi in the Tohoku and Hokuriku region has fermented sushi including Hatahata sushi from Akita Prefecture, Kabura sushi from Ishikawa Prefecture and Toyama. This sushi has a strong sour taste, and undergoes a fermentation process that brings a special aroma. When you first eat it, many people will not realize the delicious taste of this sushi, but once you have eaten it, you will be addicted.

In Tokyo, which is famous for its sushi from pre-Edo period, popular sushi is nigiri sushi ball made from rice mixed with vinegar and sugar to create sweet and sour rice flavor. In Chiba Prefecture there is a sushi roll, called maki sushi. At Nagano, sushi sasa with large rice balls and thin spreads, fish or other side dishes are placed on top.

In Kinki in western Japan there is a type of sushi called oshi sushi, which means compressed sushi is very famous. Sushi is made by compressing rice and other types of fish, meat or shrimp, and caviar into a mold. For example, in Osaka, there is sushi battera and in Kyoto, there is sushi bou.

Each region has a different type of sushi. Therefore, although it is the same sushi, there are many differences that not many people know about.

So try to enjoy different types of sushi to understand more about this difference.

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